Physibles The Future is here NOW!!


Physibles are products a 3-D printer creates.

Physibles are actually the files a 3-D printer needs in order to create a physical object.

On an esoteric level; Physibles are data objects that have the ability to take on a physical form.

Right now, printers are extruding polymers. Inexpensive printers that extrude metal wire are coming.

In short time, you will be printing out parts for your automobile, or broken laptop.

We will be able to produce only what we need--No waste.

Ecologically--it just might be the answer? No shipping. No storage. No redundancy. Less Carbon emissions?

I just wanted to get you thinking about Physibles. I will have a more traditional website soon.

I hope this site will be one of the central repositories for these much needed files, or Physibles.

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